The Homesteader’s Kitchen


Found on the grounds of The Multicultural Heritage Centre, The Homesteader’s Kitchen is a much loved treasure in Stony Plain’s culinary scene. The restaurant focuses on offering quality food with locally sourced ingredients, and the owners even grow many of the ingredients for their dishes in their neighbouring organic gardens and greenhouse.

Chef Kevin WaddellFounded in 1973, The Homesteader’s Kitchen is famous for fresh breads, hearty homemade soups, and an array of delectable pies. Perhaps the most charming of all qualities, though, is that TheHomesteader’s Kitchen grows its own vegetables that are used in menu dishes, as well as canned for later use. Since opening, the restaurant has been dedicated to celebrating local heritage. As a part of The Multicultural Heritage Centre, all proceeds go back into the non-profit. After more than forty years servicing locals, The Homesteader’s Kitchen remains a cultural cornerstone of Stony

Chef Kevin Waddell, a steadfast advocate for everything fresh, leads the restaurant’s kitchen. Kevin believes in making everything from scratch to generate the most flavourful cooking. The business is built on local pride, and concerned citizens were paramount in restoring the building from a once dismal state so that The Homesteader’s Kitchen could once again prosper as a proud promoter of Stony Plain’s heritage.

Melissa Hartley, the Managing Director of The Homesteader’s Kitchen is thrilled that the restaurant found its home in Stony Plain. The local encouragement has been overwhelming, and many people bring friends in to try the restaurant out. The Town of Stony Plain helps thishomesteaders2 business to flourish with generous support including a business operating grant, snow removal, and seasonal landscaping and flowers for the grounds. To other entrepreneurs, they advise that success comes when you connect with the community, especially by way of using social media to interact. Local connections and support networks have also been instrumental in helping the business thrive.

The clientele of The Homesteader’s Kitchen is experiencing a shift in thinking, as individuals are more health conscious than ever before. The Baby Boomers who used to come because they enjoyed a quality hot meal are now even more supportive of the restaurant because they are becoming more interested in eating local and organic. The demand for locally sourced healthy ingredients is something that is valued, and continues to help this business prosper. In the future, The Homesteader’s Kitchen is focusing on growing their garden to provide even more organic and gluten-sensitive options, and to expand their patio to serve more patrons!

The Homesteader’s Kitchen
Melissa Hartley

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