The Stony Plain location is the newest in the Sorrentinos family, and brings together fresh food and family under one roof. Bringing Sorrentinos to the community was the brainchild of local developer and owner, Mike Klein. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Mike is no stranger to tackling tough jobs. As someone who works in commercial and residential construction, Mike was able to tailor a space at Genesis Centre to perfectly fit the Italian foodie hot-spot.

Sorrentinos has become a meeting place in the community, and plays host to many events throughout the year – from concerts to show and shines. They also have a limo for those special nights out on the town.

“The camaraderie and support of business leaders and their willingness to work together for the good of the customers is very apparent,” is how Mike Klein describes the overall atmosphere of small business in the Town of Stony Plain.

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