KaRAR Performing Arts

KaRAR Performing Arts started in 2009 when Natalie Dyck and Liz Brannan decided that they wanted to provide something different to the performing arts community than had been traditionally done by other dance studios in the County of Parkland… and KaRAR Studios was born. Since KaRAR began, they have earned the reputation of producing professional quality, full range productions, which all include multiple elements of performing arts: dance, music, and theatre.

Since 2014, KaRAR Performing Arts has been a non-profit organization with a purpose to better serve our community and the students and families that reside here. Their is simple: to make performing arts more accessible to students, and give more children the opportunity to explore their talents without the limitations of financial need.

On the importance of the local community, Natalie and Liz say “there is a groundswell of support from the community members for local business and that is foundational to Stony Plain’s success.”


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