Freson Bros.

Freson Bros was founded on a strong belief in creating a quality food experience. Owner, Mike Lovsin strives to not be your typical grocery store, focusing on quality and unique food, value and customer service. Lovsin continues to say “We are a family run, Alberta based business. We pride ourselves on serving great tasting food from local Alberta farms, we love Alberta producers and only sell fresh Alberta beef, pork, and chicken prepared in-store at our butcher shop.”

At Freson Bros the focus has always been on providing great food, family, and investing in the communities which they operate in. When asked what makes you most proud of your business in Stony Plain, Lovsin stated “We are most proud that that we able to provide jobs for over 1000 individuals from teenagers to seniors and are instrumental in creating opportunities for people within our team.”

“Stony Plain has the feel of a small town with city access and amenities. It has a very large draw area, and it’s a growing; young community. Migration in this town favors local businesses which is why we moved our head office here in 2008.”

When asked what advice you would give someone considering starting a business in Stony Plain Lovsin replied “To be in business you have to have a slightly different perspective and mentality- you have to have guts to move forward and take risks. Always focus on people, customers, and team members, especially in Stony Plain as it truly is a great bunch of people here. Stony Plain is a pleasant, friendly, safe community, and a great place to run a business. If I could do it all over again, we would’ve come to Stony Plain sooner!”

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