Family Care Psychology

Family Care Psychology is an important health care business located in the heart of Stony Plain offering a range of therapeutic and assessment services in both clinical and school settings for individuals, couples, children, and families.  Owners, Zelda Kause and Joel Pukalo said they were both motivated to start their business in Stony Plain because “we recognize the culture and values of Stony Plain, and that made it a very attractive place to work”.

When prompted why they chose to move to Stony Plain Kause & Pukalo continued, “Stony Plain truly continues to grow and maintain a strong sense of community while embracing opportunities for growth that enhances quality of life. Although we both have experience working in other communities, the number of like minded individuals within the healthcare and educational professions make Stony Plain a wonderful place to work collaboratively with other community minded partners to support mental health in our region”.

Stony Plain is a special business hub drawing not only from Spruce Grove, Devon, and Edmonton, but the outlying areas such as Drayton Valley, Whitecourt, and Edson. Pukalo explain what makes Stony Plain different and attracts people to Stony Plain from these communities by saying “the picturesque small town atmosphere draws you in, from the painted murals telling the stories of Stony Pain, to the well tended parks and lavish Christmas decorations that light up the streets in December. There is an ambiance that invites people to stay a while and explore all the hidden gems found in this town.”

When asked what advice you can give to someone considering opening a business in Stony Plain, Kause stated, “The key to operating a business in any community is relationships. However, this is especially true in Stony Plain. Taking the time to learn about the history and needs of our beloved community is essential to create a strategic business plan that is designed to meet the needs of our community.”

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