Barrier Coating Inc

Barrier Coating Inc was incorporated in 2014, operating in the pipeline industry with just one truck. Founded on a belief of providing top quality coating solutions for pipeline, facility, tank, concrete and integrity applications, Barrier Coating has since grown not only in its customer base but in its ability to provide quality service to other areas. The Stony Plain based company now has 13 trucks and is servicing into western Canada and easterly into Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

When asked why start your business in Stony Plain Vice President, Tony Northcott stated, “Stony Plain always seemed like the right location to start our business; we grew up in the Stony Plain area so it was only natural to start and grow with what you know.” With the company mission statement being “to build long term relationships based on responsiveness and reliability exceeding our customer expectations.” Starting the business in Stony Plain was the first step in achieving this.

“We have always had an entrepreneurial instinct, and we gained experience working in the painting/ coating industry before starting our business in Stony Plain- from our previous experience opening Barrier Coating seemed like a natural progression for us.” Northcott explained.

When asked what advice Northcott would give someone who is considering opening a business in Stony Plain he replied, “support the locals, and they will support you back.”

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