Stony Plain Dental Centre

Founded in 1999, Stony Plain Dental Centre is a medical facility that focuses on dentistry, oral health and patient satisfaction. In November of 2015, Owners, Octavio Gil and Dr. Zahra Gangji decided to build their dream clinic. With a local builder they broke ground in 2016, the new location has eleven dental operatories, a family waiting area, business lounge, and consultation room.

When asked what makes you most proud of your business, and what makes your business unique-owners Dr. Zahra Gangji and Octavio Gil replied “one of the things that makes us most proud is our staff feeling that this is an office they can retire in. What makes us unique is the outstanding and personalized care that we provide our patients. A testament to this is our patients’ reciprocation by leaving us a combined 240+ written reviews averaging 4.9 out of 5 stars on Facebook and Google.”

Dr. Zahra Gangji spoke to the hardest challenge about being a business owner was facing the downturn of the economy and seeing some of their patients lose their jobs and benefits. They were able to come out of it by providing more generosity, and giving free dental assistance to those patients who were hit the hardest.

When asked what advice you would provide to someone considering opening a business in Stony Plain Octavio Gil replied “Learn your tenancy rules, have a 5 year plan, be accessible and consistent to the community, and be unique! Whether you’re providing the same service or product as others or a new product or service, being unique is what makes you stand out!

Stony Plain Dental Centre
Dr. Zahra Gangji & Octavio Gil

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