Infill Map & Policy

The Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Unit Residential Infill Policy was approved by Council in June 2017. The policy objective is to encourage property owners to invest in development that will further revitalize the established commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential areas through financial incentives and non-financial support.

Eligible properties have been identified in the following Infill Map.

To learn more download a copy of the Infill Policy. Key incentives as outlined in the policy are noted below.


  • Rebate of development permit fee;
  • Consider adjustments to parking requirements;
  • Consider variance to the setback requirements;
  • Consider alteration of servicing requirements; and/or
  • Expedite consulting and processing time with clients.

To be eligible for incentives, no work must be performed until approved by The Town of Stony Plain. For further information please contact:

Economic Development Department
Phone: 780-963-8022
Email: ecdev@stonyplain.com

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