Development Permits


Development Permits

A development permit is required when a change in land use occurs as a result of opening a proposed business (i.e. changing from retail to restaurant operations).

Individuals operating home-based occupations are required to complete a questionnaire to determine if the proposed business will have an impact on residential land use. If there will be a significant impact/change to the land use, a development permit will be required in advance.

For more information about development permits, application forms, regulations and applicable fees, visit the Development and Building Permits sections of Stony Plain website.

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Provincial Licensing & Permits

Several types of businesses are required to be licensed and registered by the provincial government. For the most up-to-date information, visit Service Alberta or call 877.427.4088.

Once you have a business licence, you must notify Service Alberta of any changes that might affect your licence or registration. This could include a change of address or a change in the services your business provides. Provincial licences are not transferable.

Registry Services – Business Name Registration

Persons who are engaged in business for trading, manufacturing, or contracting purposes must register the name of the business (provided the business name is one other than your own name). This can be done through any Alberta Registry Agent office. Service Alberta also registers societies and nonprofit agencies directly.

Stony Plain Registries, Inc.
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Business Registration and Business Number (Canada)

Most businesses in Canada need to register with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and obtain a business number. The CRA provides a Business Registration Online (BRO) service—a one-stop, self-serve application that allows users to register for a new business number, as well as for four major CRA programs:

  1. Corporate Income Tax;
  2. Goods and Services / Harmonized Sales Tax;
  3. Payroll Deductions; and
  4. Import / Export accounts.

Business Registration Online – BRO

T: 1.800.959.5525

GST Registration

Depending on the type of business and amount of earnings, your business may or may not need a GST number. Generally speaking, businesses that gross less than $30,000 in a single calendar quarter, or in four consecutive calendar quarters, are not required to register for a GST number. Those businesses with greater revenues than $30,000 should apply for a GST number using the Canada Revenue Agency’s GST/HST Registry Service.

It is the responsibility of the business owner to investigate and obtain all required licences and permits. The simplest way to learn what your business needs is to use BizPaL, an online information source for business permitting and licensing.


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