Starting a Business

If you’ve decided to start your future in Stony Plain, but aren’t sure what’s next, you’ve come to the right place.

Unbridled possibilities happen here, and the community is invested in helping to bring your ideas to life. The following is a step-by-step checklist for budding entrepreneurs to navigate the startup world and put new business dreams into motion.

A business plan is a detailed document outlining your business idea, and how it will succeed. It will assist you in obtaining financing, foreseeing obstacles, and developing strategies to achieve your goals.

Need help? Contact Community Futures Capital Region to connect with experts.

Need reference material? Download The Business Plan and You or Guide for New Alberta Businesses.

Research and analyze your business idea to determine if it will be a viable venture. Find information that can help you make informed decisions and maximize the potential of your business. Learn more about your industry, as well as current and potential customers, competitors, and markets.

Need help? Learn more at the Canada Business Network.

Financing is a vital component in your business planning, and the most common approach is to obtain a business loan from a bank or lending institution. Grants and funding programs may also be available from the government and/or not-for-profit organizations.

Need help? Visit Business Link.

Before you start shopping for business space, you need to have a clear picture of what you must have, what you’d like to have, what you absolutely won’t tolerate, as well as how much you’re able to pay. Many startup mistakes can be corrected later on, but a poor choice of location is sometimes impossible to repair.

Looking for available building or land? Review Available Properties.

Need maps? Download Stony Plain maps.

Need help? Contact a Commercial Realtor.

Different businesses abide by different requirements. Check out the links below to find out what your business needs.

  • BizPaL

    BizPaL is a convenient, one-stop application to look up all permits and licenses required for your business. This interactive online tool will look up federal, provincial, and municipal requirements – for free!

           Start BizPaL

Need more information? Visit our pages for permits and licences.

  1. Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce
    The Chamber is dedicated to providing a networking environment that encourages its members to meet and expand their business contacts. Specifically, the Chamber offers business training and workshops, business-to-business and business-to-consumer tradeshows, group insurance packages, discounts for products and services, member-to-member discount programs, and much more.
  2. Community Futures Capital Region
    Funded by the Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification Canada, Community Futures Capital Region is a regional business development organization. They offer business counselling services and resources to new and existing businesses. A regular schedule of small business training courses is offered to local businesses; a calendar is posted on its website. Small business loans are also available to support local entrepreneurs.
  3. The Office of Economic Development
    This office was created to facilitate Stony Plain’s economic development activities with existing and prospective businesses. It provides assistance to businesses and compiles important local and regional economic data. In addition, the unit coordinates with other city departments on issues of planning, infrastructure, communications and marketing, and special events. The office is responsible for attracting new business to the community and encouraging business retention and expansion within the municipality.

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