Main Street in Stony Plain is where you’ll find Primerica, an independently owned and operated branch of caring professionals offering financial services to the community. Primerica was opened in 2008 thanks to a concerned community member. Terri McCullough recognized the tremendous need for financial education in the Town, and her acquaintance with Primerica led to a genuine belief that their business model would help.

Since April of 2008, Primerica Financial Services has been providing guidance to the residents of Stony Plain. At Primerica, the goal is to help all families in the community achieve financial independence and security. Primerica’s caring team of licensed representatives work with their clients to help them become debt free and properly protected. Primerica is a great economic addition to Stony Plain, especially due to the career opportunities available to those who thrive in entrepreneurially minded positions.

Living in the Stony Plain area since 1974, Terri’s passion for her community runs deep. She is an entrepreneurial individual at heart, and became interested in a Primerica opportunity after hearing about the company’s unique flexibility and tried and true business model. Terri, a steadfast advocate for financial stability and security, opened the location first as a home-based business. Now, the company calls Main Street home and is recognized as a cornerstone in the community.

When offered an office in Edmonton, Terri declined and committed to a future in Stony Plain. She had total faith in the community network, and the relationships built meant too much to squander. Terri believes that her trust in Stony Plain has been an imperative foundation for her success. She is grateful that the town has built such a supportive business infrastructure, keeping in touch with entrepreneurs and promoting dialogue at every level.

Terri McCullough has been extremely pleased with the growth her team has experienced, much of which she attributes to the power of word-of-mouth and a community eager to support local residents. In 2016, there was growth every month without any sign of slowing down. In the next five years, Terri and her team at Primerica intend to launch additional branches from their current office into communities that need the same level of financial education that has benefited Stony Plain.

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