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Stony Plain has a distinct and progressive business district with the opportunity to draw from the broader region, tapping into a much larger market in search of unique items and services. The community has the nucleus of a destination region, anchored by its historic downtown, Multicultural Heritage Centre, Pioneer Museum, Heritage Park, and Rotary Park. There are several shops and galleries in the downtown core, and Stony Plain is ready to embrace more.


Business Opportunity

Stony Plain’s Destination Shopping, Dining, Arts, and Culture industry potential can be broken into two trade areas. The first is a local market within a 10 km radius from the centre of the Town’s downtown district. The second, described as a destination district market, reaches out to a 100 km radius. Local government is committed to creating a business environment that has a solid foundation for development. There are several components that serve as this foundation including coordinated business marketing and events developing a civic square, developing a mixed-density and pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood west of the downtown, as well as creating a town entrance feature. Other areas of focus include a redesign of the downtown, reorganizing current town anchors and existing structures, recruitment, creating industry-related events, and prioritizing execution with strong leadership and vision. Source: Town of Stony Plain Target Sector Study & Marketing Plan

KaRAR Performing Arts

KaRAR Performing Arts started in 2009 when Natalie Dyck and Liz Brannan decided that they wanted to provide something different to the performing arts community than had been traditionally done by other dance studios in the County of Parkland… and KaRAR Studios was born. Since KaRAR began, they have earned the reputation of producing professional quality, […]

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Parkland Potters Guild

Parkland Potters Guild is not for profit; volunteer ran organization that creates beautiful works of art in pottery. This unique organization has been apart of the Stony Plain community for 41 years, forming back in March of 1976. When we asked the past President Clarice Cameron what makes her most proud to be apart of […]

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