One Man’s Treasure

Founded in 2003, One Man’s Treasure is an antique emporium and marketplace made up of almost 40 vendors! The mission of this business is to provide a warm and eclectic atmosphere, whether customers are just browsing, or searching for a unique item. New, vintage and antique treasures are brought in daily by vendors with a variety of styles and interests.

The most unique feature of this business is that there are actually 40 small businesses within one larger business. One Man’s Treasure supports many people within the community in a plethora of different ways, one vendor even sells items to raise funds for her stray cat rescue! One Man’s Treasure is also known for hosting two Community Street Markets each year that have become a staple within the Tri-Municipal-Region, the proceeds from the booth rentals of these markets goes towards supporting local charities and organizations.

When owners Dannyelle Lavallee and Joyce Berezan were asked why Stony Plain? Their answer was simple, “We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Our Town is cozy, friendly, and comfortable. The great energy of the Town has spilled over into One Man’s Treasure. We have always felt welcomed and are happy to have new people find us all the time!”

In tough economic times One Man’s Treasure has shown to be a very sustainable business. Consumers look to One Man’s Treasure to find good deals on unique and novelty items that you can’t find anywhere else. The vendors within the store are creative and are inspiring to always try new things, thus keeping this business dynamic and growing!

Some advice given from owners Dannyelle and Joyce for people looking to open a business within Stony Plain, is to “find your passion and turn it into something you want to do, and are inspired by everyday! Find people who are like minded to support you and keep you motivated. Remember, when you’re in a tough situation it will make a funny story some day. Stony Plain has an amazing community, be good to the people in it and they will be good to you.”

One Man’s Treasure

Owners, Dannyelle Lavallee & Joyce Berezan

(780) 963-7776



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