Business Milestones

Business milestones intend to recognize the commitment and success of Stony Plain businesses celebrating the anniversary of their opening.


To be eligible for a business milestone, your business must:

1. Be located in Stony Plain; and

2. Hold a valid business license.

Additionally, businesses must have maintained their business license uninterrupted for the complete duration of their operation.


The Town recognizes milestones in increments of 5-years. For example, 5-years, 10-years, 15-years and so on are considered milestone years. Typically, the Town provides a plaque to businesses celebrating milestones. However, to ensure as many businesses as possible are recognized, plaques will be reserved for businesses celebrating the most senior milestones. If plaques are unavailable, businesses will receive a celebratory certificate signed by the Mayor. 


Businesses interested in receiving milestone recognition can apply by completing the application form below. Only applications submitted between June 4 and July 31 will be accepted. All milestones will be prepared and delivered following the intake period.

The Town of Stony Plain would like to recognize every business’s successes. However, milestones are subject to budget availability. If milestone requests exceed budget availability, businesses that have been in operation the longest will receive priority.

COVID-19 Impacts

Businesses who celebrated a milestone in 2020 may also apply to receive a milestone in 2021. Due to the pandemic, the Town was unable to provide business milestones in 2020 safely. The most significant milestones will still receive priority.

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