Furniture First

Founded in March of 2007, the brother and sister team – Rick and Gail McEachern opened Furniture First in Stony Plain! The owners believed a small furniture store with good products, fair prices, and friendly service could not only survive in the competitive furniture world, but it could thrive. For the first year and a half Furniture First went from being the little furniture store that could – to the little furniture store that did! By October 2008, Furniture First grew to the point that they had 5 employees and a second outlet location in the Meridian Village Mall.

Furniture First is adaptable and customer service focused  in the sense that many customers have made the comment that they have been looking for that one special set or piece of furniture but haven’t been able to find it anywhere … Furniture First has since created a department that specializes in selling custom – solid wood, Canadian-made furniture. Customers can choose the wood, the stain, the style and the cover (fabric or leather) to suit their personal taste and décor.

When the economy had a downturn the owners learned resiliency and came up with a business plan to overcome the hard times faced with owning a retail business. The owners have implemented a “Preferred Customer Program” to reward existing customers with an additional discount over and above any sale price or in-store special. Rick and Gail also had a website developed to increase their company’s exposure on the internet.

When asked how a small community based store competes with the big box stores Rick said “By offering more personalized service in less obtrusive ways and matching the right products with a specific customer needs, we can win and keep our customer’s loyalty” he continued “We are seeking to satisfy our customer’s needs to the very best of our ability and that means our work isn’t done until they say it is!”

Furniture First
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