*Updated* Information on Temporary Outdoor Patios and Canopy/Tents on Private Property

June 25, 2021

The Town of Stony Plain responded to the closure of indoor dining in April to assist restaurants by allowing temporary outdoor patios exempt from development permit application under the Land Use Bylaw. The rationale of the exemption was based on the “replacement” of indoor dining floor space with outdoor dining floor space. This did not result in the development of “additional” floor space which would require a development permit application.

Restaurants that created temporary outdoor patios were advised that the outdoor patios would have to be removed when the Province of Alberta lifted the restrictions for indoor dining. The Province entered into Stage 2 of “Open for Summer” plan on June 10, 2021, which allowed restaurants to provide indoor dining for up to 6 people per table. On July 1, 2021, the Province is moving into Stage 3 of the “Open for Summer” plan lifting all restrictions.

As such, this memo serves as a notice that, if you haven’t already done so, restaurants must have all temporary outdoor patio space removed and parking stalls restored for use by the public no later than 12:00 pm on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

April 12, 2021

The province has re-implemented Step 1 Covid 19 restrictions this week, which includes the closure of indoor dining in restaurants. Take-out services and outdoor patio dining will be allowed to remain open. 

The Town of Stony Plain understands the hardships that the pandemic has caused local businesses and supports the opening of outdoor patios where it is safe and feasible to do so. We have put this information package together to assist restaurant owners with developing temporary outdoor patios on private property in a timely manner, while ensuring the safety of the public. 

The Fire Department has developed a quick reference guide and simplified occupant load calculator to assist you with the development and opening of your temporary outdoor patio. These guides are attached for your reference. Please contact the Fire Department directly at (780) 963-3551 if you have any questions. 

Land Use Bylaw 2576/LUO/17 Section 1.3.2. exempts temporary outdoor patios from requiring development permit approval. However, permanent outdoor patios will be subject to a development permit, and building permit applications.

If you wish to open a temporary outdoor patio for the duration of the current public health order, you will need to submit the following information to planning@stonyplain.com:

  • a site plan showing the area (with dimensions) that you would like to utilize as a patio and number/layout of the tables 
  • details indicating how the patio area will be barricaded/protected from vehicular traffic

Keep in mind that drive aisles, fire lanes, loading zones, emergency accesses and sidewalks must remain accessible and unobstructed when planning your temporary outdoor patio. The information will be reviewed by a Development Officer and an inspection will be conducted by the Fire Department. 

If you are considering placing a canopy structure or tent over the temporary outdoor patio, the Alberta Building Code does apply and a building permit application is required. It will be the operator’s responsibility to ensure that this type of structure is in compliance with the current public health orders for indoor/outdoor dining. 

It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that all Public Health Orders are adhered to, as well as any Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations that are applicable. 

Please contact Catherine Kozyra if you have any questions or require assistance with a site plan. Catherine can also be reached at (780) 963-8641.

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