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To promote the sharing of ideas, support, hope, and recovery, we’ll be highlighting a different Stony Plain businesses’ pandemic story every month. What has worked, what hasn’t, and how they’re managing. If you’d like to share your business’s pandemic story, please email our team at ecdev@stonyplain.com.

Challenged but not Defeated

Written by: Amanda Ward, whipLASH Aesthetics

The Town of Stony Plain and the surrounding area welcomed whipLASH Aesthetics Ltd in 2016 with open arms. I have been a long-time resident of this community since 1987. Home is definitely where the heart is.

I take pride in my skills as a Master Esthetician and I have dedicated my career towards the art of skin perfection. I was blessed to have my business within a community that supports local. Without our community, times could have been much more difficult.

March of 2020 was a bit of a blur in all honesty. I was devastated and scared about the pandemic we were facing. How would my family survive? How would my business survive? This is when we first started to hear the term “non-essential.” whipLASH Aesthetics had fallen into this category. Not once, but three times. The term “non-essential” in a sense was a hard pill to swallow at first.

A significant drop in revenue and bearing the brunt of the economic fallout of the pandemic has been a struggle for not only whipLASH Aesthetics but many other personal service businesses. It was daunting, wondering what I would be coming back to with each closure. There was always self-doubt in the back of my mind. However, my husband who has always been my number one supporter remained optimistic enough for the both of us!

I had to start becoming creative with my social media and networking. We needed to ensure that we stayed at the forefront of our client’s minds. We were able to offer curbside pickup and porch drop-off. We would search high and low for quality products that could be used at home to maintain my client’s skincare routines. Now was the time for me to educate my followers on social media and skincare and skin health. I stayed committed to educating clients on the importance of skincare and skin health. In doing so, I was always so surprised how so many clients (existing and new) wanted to still book appointments so they could guarantee themselves a spot for our re-openings.

COVID has made me resilient. whipLASH Aesthetics is a force to be reckoned with. With hard work, dedication to my passion for skincare and this amazing community from which I come from I have powered through. 

It’s unknown what the future will bring for 2021 and onwards…but all I can say is that whipLASH will remain passionate about what was once considered “non-essential” and we are in this for the long run.

I wouldn’t be here without all of the support from my clients, community and family.

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