Town Receives Approval from the Government of Alberta to Reinstate Video Lottery Terminals in Stony Plain

Eligible businesses in Stony Plain can now request permission from the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission (AGLC) to allow Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) in their business. 


Interested businesses must comply with the AGLC’s guidelines to be eligible to apply, which includes holding a Class A Minors Prohibited Liquor Licence and being open and operating.

How to Apply 

Businesses interested in learning more about VLTs are urged to visit www.aglc.ca. To apply, businesses must complete the Video Lottery Retailer Application Form available through the link above.


This approval comes from the Government of Alberta following a twenty-plus year prohibition of VLTs in Stony Plain. In 1998, the Town of Stony Plain voted to have VLTs removed, with future applications for VLTs declined. The topic of VLTs was brought up again in 2019 by the Town’s Growth and Commerce Committee (G&GC). The G&GC raised concerns of revenue loss for local businesses related to the absence of VLTs and noted that several surrounding municipalities, including Spruce Grove and Edmonton, provided VLT services for customers. The Economic Development Department for the Town then conducted a survey with local businesses in 2020, which found the majority of polled businesses were in favour of changing restrictions on VLTs within Town limits.

Following the business survey, Economic Development reached out to the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce for feedback which led to a letter of support for ending the VLT prohibition. A public opinion survey for Stony Plain residents ages 18 and over was then launched by Administration, running from July 15, 2020, to August 12, 2020. With IP address restrictions in place, the results reported 46 percent (n=195) in favour of changing restrictions to VLTs and 54 percent (n=232) against. Weighing all available information, Town Council directed Administration to pursue reinstating VLTs in Stony Plain at the October 28, 2020, Council Meeting.

Learn More

To learn more please visit www.aglc.ca or email ecdev@stonyplain.com.

  • It is important to note that electronic gaming terminal games are developed based on randomness, which means that the outcome is not predictable, so when you gamble the odds always favour the house; AGLC encourages all players to get to know the games they play and set limits on the amount they are prepared to bet and potentially lose
  • AGLC asks you to remember that electronic gaming terminals are a game of chance and are based on random outcomes; these games of chance should be considered a form of entertainment as winning a prize is never guaranteed
  • AGLC provides GameSense, an awareness and education program, to support Albertans in making informed decisions when they choose to participate in gaming activities; For information on this program, please visit GameSense.

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