Tri Municipal Labour Force – Profile Series

Labour Market Strategy & Action Plan being developed for the Tri-Municipal Region

The Tri-Municipal Partners – the City of Spruce Grove, the Town of Stony Plain, and Parkland County – are developing a Labour Market Strategy & Action Plan for the Tri-Municipal Region.


The purpose of this 2-phase comprehensive study is to provide relevant, timely, and accurate labour market information to stakeholders, including job seekers, employers, industry, post secondary institutions, and government agencies. This study is designed to inform people of employment opportunities, assist in career planning for residents and migrants to the Region, help attract newcomers to existing and emerging opportunities, and respond to current and future labour market realities within the Region.


The first phase of this project involved creation of the Tri-Municipal Labour Force Profile series. These documents provide a current snapshot of the labour market for the Tri-Municipal Region, as well as for the three individual communities that comprise the region – the City of Spruce Grove, the Town of Stony Plain, and Parkland County. In addition, labour force information pertaining to the two indigenous communities within the region, Paul First Nation and Enoch Cree Nation, form part of the profile.


The second phase of this project will involve creation of a Labour Market Strategy that gathers in-depth labour force information on the Tri-Municipal Region. This includes consideration of data compiled for the development of Phase 1, as well as research and analysis as follows:


1. Preparation of additional Statistics Canada data for the Tri-Municipal Region.
2. Conduction of a Tri-Municipal Region employer survey. These employer surveys will consist of surveys from each municipality, each major industry group and a representative sample of large, medium, and small businesses.
3. Production of an employment forecast for the Tri-Municipal Region.
4. Facilitation of working group workshops with Tri-Municipal Region stakeholders. These workshops will identify and explore labour market strategy action items.
5. Conduction of Tri-Municipal Region employer and stakeholder interviews. These interviews will explore labour market issues and strategies and how they may benefit employers in the region.
6. Facilitation of focus group meetings with Tri-Municipal Region stakeholders. These meetings will discuss practical strategic and policy options to address local labour market needs and focus on specific issues.


In response to this analysis of the current labour market situation in the Tri-Municipal Region, an Action Plan will be identified that will guide the Tri-Municipal Partners to address gaps and issues or to capitalize on opportunities within the Tri-Municipal Region labour market. This will include a series of metrics or goals to support in monitoring the effectiveness of the Plan.


To view the Labour Force documents click the links below:


Summary Document
Town of Stony Plain

Parkland County

City of Spruce Grove

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