Stony Plain Continues to Grow

The Federal Government has just released population and dwelling counts from the 2016 Census of Population. According to the Census, the official population of the Town of Stony Plain is 17,189, which is an increase of 14.2% since 2011.


Stony Plain’s population has been steadily increasing since the 1989 census, and Mayor William Choy believes it will continue to increase at this rate.


Mayor William Choy says, “Stony Plain is a vibrant community, perfect for businesses and families.” Choy continues, “We’re not surprised that our community has grown this much since the last Federal Census, and we anticipate continued growth in the future.”


Town Manager Thomas Goulden says, “The results of the Census are important to us for a variety of reasons. In particular, the Census helps us make decisions about future municipal services, like schools and parks. Golden continues to say, “We’re excited to see the remainder of the results as
they are released.”


Additionally, the Census helps Council and Town departments make informed decisions about services, infrastructure, and budgeting. Learn more about the Census results.


For more information, contact:
Stephanie Barsby Boisvert
Corporate Communications Officer
Town of Stony Plain
T: 780.963.8606
E: s.boisvert@stonyplain.com

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