Stony Plain Continues to Encourage Local Business & Entrepreneurs

During the November 28th meeting of Town Council, the updated Economic Development Strategic Plan was presented and adopted. The plan is intended to provide the Town with an important road map to encourage and support business development – creating jobs and expanding the non-residential tax base.


Through the past six months, the Town explored new ideas and gained insight from local residents and businesses on how Stony Plain can continue to position itself as a business-friendly community in the Edmonton region. From this, emerged four common themes in regards to economic development and the economic future of Stony Plain.

  • Importance of diversifying the economy and business base
  • Support for knowledge-based economic growth
  • Importance of downtown as a destination
  • Telling the world about Stony Plain

“Stony Plain continues to offer a supportive and beneficial location for business and entrepreneurs,” says William Choy, Town of Stony Plain Mayor. “The updated Economic Development Strategic Plan will ensure the Town fosters a welcoming environment for businesses to start up and grow.”


The update will guide the Town over the next five years with several new initiatives to help promote Stony Plain regionally and nationally. For further details please read the Economic Development Strategic Plan Summary here. Or if you would like to review the Economic Development Strategic Plan in it’s entirety, click here.


For more information, contact:


Shawn McCauley
Economic Development Officer
Town of Stony Plain
T: 780.963.8022
E: s.mccauley@stonyplain.com


Stephanie Barsby Boisvert
Corporate Communications Officer
Town of Stony Plain
T: 780.963.8606
E: s.boisvert@stonyplain.com

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