Business Visitation Program

Your Business Matters

Stony Plain’s Business Visitation Program is part of our business retention strategy. It has been created to enable our Economic Development Team to understand the goals of your business, to refer customers to suppliers, as a means of making companies aware of opportunities for growth, as an avenue to develop business relations with local key contacts, and to acknowledge your business as a valued contributor to the community. Your success is important to us.

Business Visitation Committee

We will learn about your organization, explore your issues and target area where we may be able to help. The program has been designed to answer many key questions and enable our interview with senior executives/owners/managers to:

  • Gain insight into the dynamics of Stony Plain’s economy;
  • Understand the positive and negative attributes of Stony Plain as a place to do business;
  • Evaluate growth potential, risk of relocation or downsizing, level of satisfaction, and emerging trends;
  • Develop value added services for Stony Plain companies
  • Establish longer term economic and community development priorities that will support the Stony Plain businesses; and
  • assist us in providing growth plans by gathering information that will help reduce business costs, improve competitiveness, enhance infrastructure and increase & develop viable local and export markets.
The visitation committee members are:
  • 1 council member from the Growth & Commerce Committee; and
  • 2 Economic Development Staff

How can your business participate?

You are able to contact the Economic Development Team to schedule a meeting. If you have questions regarding the program, please contact:

Shawn McCauley
Economic Development Officer

Tanner Routh
Economic Development Specialist



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