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Business Licences

Starting a business also means that you will require a valid business licence, as regulated by Stony Plain’s Business Licence Bylaw and as passed by Stony Plain’s council.

Nonprofits are exempt from licensing fees, provided they can show proof of status.

Business licence facts:

  1. Valid for one year and must be renewed annually.
  2. Yearly licence fee must be paid in full to Stony Plain prior to approval.
  3. Application forms can be downloaded from Stony Plain’s website or picked up from front reception at the Planning and Infrastructure department on the second floor at Stony Plain Office (4905 – 51 Avenue) during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Monday to Friday, excluding holidays).

Federal or provincial legislation may exempt some professional organizations from licensing fees.

Depending on the type of business, other municipal, provincial, and federal licences or permits may be required.

Businesses that possess a valid resident business licence within Stony Plain are eligible to purchase a Tri-Municipal licence, which allows them to conduct their business within the City of Spruce Grove and Parkland County (without having to purchase a non-resident licence to operate within those communities).

Business Licence Bylaw

Business License Application
Home Based Business License Application Form
Commercial & Industrial Business Licence Application Form
Mobile Vending Business Licence Application


Retail or Service Business
Resident $100
Non-resident $200
Resident $100
Non-resident $350
Home-based Business
Resident $50
Resident $100
Non-resident $325
Daily Fee $25
Tri-Municipal Licence
Tri-Municipal Licence $50

A person who carries on a business without a valid and subsisting licence from Stony Plain is guilty of an offence and is liable upon summary conviction to the following minimum fines:

  1. For a first offence – a fine no less than $750.00 (in addition to being required to obtain a licence).
  2. For a second and subsequent offences – a fine of no less than $750.00 (in addition to being required to obtain a licence).

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