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Omni Sport

As a proud family business with its roots in Stony Plain, Omni Sport Inc. is a full service provider for the recreation industry, providing equipment for many popular recreation facilities and community centres in North America and around the world.

In 2013, Trevor Burant’s father retired from the recreation industry after 28 years at the head of Maple Leaf Gold Inc. in Stony Plain. Leveraging what their father’s business had taught them, Trevor and his brother Curtis partnered their combined experience of 36 years in the recreation industry to form Omni Sport Inc., where they continue manufacturing, sales, and service of traditional recreational equipment. To add to their father’s previous services, they expanded into bleacher systems, score clocks and other light commercial equipment for sports and recreation facilities, like hockey rinks. Over time, they’re proud to say that their family businesses have supported many families in Stony Plain through lifelong careers, with some working in the recreation industry for over 25 years.

Trevor Burant is passionate about Omni Sport Inc.’s contributions to helping build community recreation facilities, and has strong personal community ties to Stony Plain. Learning from their
experience working with their father at Maple Leaf Gold Inc., he and his brother Curtis expanded on their father’s vision by providing even more recreation equipment while maintaining its Stony Plain roots. An enthusiastic supporter of the hard working people who live and work in Stony Plain, there is an unmistakable sense of pride that shows through when Trevor refers to it as his home, and why they’ve kept their business here for so long.

Trevor not only calls Stony Plain his home, he sees it as a fantastic home for businesses as well. As a quiet community that draws people in to raise families, he loves that people in the community can work closer to home at Omni Sport Inc., giving them more time to enjoy with their families. In addition, Stony Plain’s continuous support through initiatives like The Business of the Month has a huge impact on spreading the word about family-run businesses like Curtis and Trevor’s, helping them reach other communities who can benefit from their services. With costs of doing business in Stony Plain being much less than other industrial areas, Trevor’s advice to young businesses looking to start up here is simple — don’t hesitate!

Recreation facilities are just as popular as ever, and Trevor says that business is already up from last year, with next year also projected to go very well. They have a steady growth plan for the next five years, knowing the market will determine what building extensions and additional staffing requirements are needed as they go forward. Though the oil booms in recent years have had an effect on employee retention in the past, Omni Sport Inc. has overcome that through offering competitive wages, benefits packages, and work hours adjusted to offer full time, year-round
employment. Having a dedication to continue to do business in Stony Plain and support its economy and community, Trevor and Curtis Burant at Omni Sport Inc. have a very positive outlook on the future.
Omni Sport Inc.
Trevor Burant

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