Tri-Region Community Building Luncheon | Stony Plain Economic Development

Tri-Region Community Building Luncheon

May 9th 2017 - May 9th 2017

Join your local business associations The Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce and The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce as they host this inspiring and motivating friend of Alberta communities – guest speaker Doug Griffiths.


When asked why he does what he does, Doug’s answer is simple: to help build better communities. Doug believes communities are the foundation on which we build stronger families, stronger businesses, and stronger nations. Build strong communities, and success will follow.
He helps communities identify what is holding them back from finding success, and then he helps them overcome it. When they aren’t looking, Doug inspires, and often shocks them, with a presentation showing how they are destroying their own chance at success. Then he helps build them back up and get them on a better path.

Elk’s Hall
400 Diamond Avenue
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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